The energetic rejuvenation


This body treatment is a very special pampering and rejuvenating treatment for your face and body. It counteracts the aging process both externally and internally – without any chemicals or surgery.

Wellness for your face

By gently placing your hands on your face and calling up certain energies, amazing things can change:

  • Tightening of wrinkles and facial lines
  • tightening of the facial muscles as well as the whole skin
  • improved eyesight
  • faster healing of scars and injuries
  • more radiant complexion and healthier skin
  • Stress reduction and relaxation for the whole body
  • Faster healing process for colds, illness, overweight, sleep disorders, pain, tinnitus and much more.

Forever young.

After just one session, your radiance increases and lasts for several weeks. If you use the Access Energetic Facelift at least 20 times, the radiant and firming effect deepens and remains lasting.

Your points of view create your reality.

In addition to all the physical changes, the Access Energetic Facelift can also release beliefs and other limitations about aging and life.

The best way to find out how Access Bars® work is to try them for yourself! The most common reports are of a feeling of complete relaxation and lightness, many fall asleep and for some, their whole life changes from then on.

You will learn the Access Bars®, receive a manual, a certificate and pragmatic tools that will immediately make your life easier. As a therapist and coach, you can use this method with your clients right away. Or you can learn it for yourself, your friends, family and children.

Whatever you desire is possible-the four-day Foundation class is designed to empower you to change everything you choose to change in your life. You’ll get a whole collection of tools to create the life you desire.