Having the Joy Sophie Cerny

Having the joy you never thought you could have

This class will be in English and translated to Slovak

Did your parents, teachers, sport trainers, grandparents or anyone in your life ever tell you to stop being so loud and happy? So outrageously joyful it totally disrupted their normal way of being? 

What if you didn’t have to shrink your joy ever again for anyone? What if being joyful is actually the most caring you can have for people around you? What if your joy is actually the greatest gift you can give to the world?

In this free online class, I will invite you to set your joy free again.

Sophie Cerny is a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator (CF) who does classes around the world to empower people to know that they know & to create the life they truly desire. – Create your life you truly desire!

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20. März 2023


19:30 - 20:00

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