The first Kids-Only Foundation ever

What would the world look like if we empower our children?

At the Kids-Only Foundation, children got tools for infinitive possibilities for their entire life. So that they can live all their capacities and talents from an early age. And YES, this class was FOR KIDS ONLY! Adults unfortunately had to stay outside. 💗

Can you imagine, what your life would have been, if you only had have people around you, who would had empowered you since the day you were born? What would your life have been if no one had ever judged you? What would your life be like if people had truly cared about you?

Therefore, I created for over 30 children the first Kids-Only Foundation class ever. The Access Consciousness Foundation class is designed to empower you to change anything and everything and to build a new foundation of limitless possibilities. What if now is the time to empower our kids to create the life they truly desire?

And a huge T H A N K ❤️ Y O U to all the kids and parents who created that class with us!

✨ When the kids don’t want to end class…

✨ When the kids ask if we can do it again…

✨ When the kids say it’s too quick over…

✨ When the kids are using the tools…

✨ When the kids say finally someone is talking with us about those things…

✨ When the kids start to facilitate their parents…

OMG than it was so worth to bring this heart-project out into the world!!!

  • What if we empower our children to know what they know?
  • What if our children grow up without limitations and point of views?
  • What if our children acknowledge themselves from an early age for their awareness, knowing, perception and being?
  • What if our children never had to judge themselves again and knew how to deal with external judgements?
  • What if our children have a communion with their body from an early age?
  • What if our kids knew how to start a business from an early age?
  • What if our children knew how to have a happy relationship from an early age?
  • What if our children recognized themselves for their capacities, talents and gifts from an early age?
  • What if our children never lose their playful, joyful and easy manner?
  • What if our children never lose their playful, joyful and easy manner?
  • What if all kids have the amazing tools of Access Consciousness from tfrom an early age?

What contribution would it be, to bring the Access Bars® and the tools of Access Consciousness to orphans in a township?