Your body is your best friend.

Access Body Process

Most of us wake up in the morning and start evaluating ourselves and our bodies. What if you could communicate with your body? What if your body is a guide? What if you could create together with your body? What if every pain is just information your body wants to give you? What if your body is your best friend?

The power of the hands.

Everyone has the ability with their hands. What does a mother do to her child, hurt on herself? She intuitively puts her hands on it. With the Access body processes we practically do nothing else: By simply laying on hands on different parts of the body and calling up certain energies, disharmonies in your body can be resolved and stuck traumas can be freed.

Only when the body frees itself from the old can new things arise.

The various laying on of hands processes can change your body profoundly and work far beyond the physical. Pain, injuries and illnesses can be resolved, at the same time the self-healing powers are activated and the connection to one’s own body can be immensely deepened.

More than 100 Access body processes

I use about 100 different body processes for all kinds of physical ailments and illnesses. For example a process to rejuvenate and harmonize the skin, or an eye process that strengthens eyesight and creates clarity in your life or a powerful process for your immune system, and much more.It is a completely different level of reception. You learn to communicate with your body again, to ask it questions and to discover what your body is really capable of.

In a private session, I choose one for your body from around 100 different laying on of hands. I lay my hands on and you can just enjoy, relax and receive. You don’t have to do anything, just be – just the way you are.

In facilitate (teach) 58 different body processes in 3-4 hour courses. You don’t need any prerequisites to attend the course. You never have to have worked on bodies either. After the course, you will receive a certificate and will be allowed to use the body process commercially.

Whatever you want is possible – The four day Foundation course is designed to empower you to change just about anything you want to change in your life. You get a whole collection of tools. To create the life you want