32 Access Bars Points that change everything.

What are the

These 32 – almost magical – “Bars points” that run through and around your head are electromagnetically discharged by a gentle touch. Thus all your limiting thoughts, evaluations, views, patterns and beliefs, as well as old feelings can finally be released and let go.

Where the bars points contribute

The Access Bars® give you back the clarity and ability to create your life the way it works for you and the way you desire it. They give you back the joy, lightness and meaning of being alive.

When nothing limits you anymore, wonderful new doors open for more possibilities and nothing will stop you from living your true potential.

  • Physical and psychological blockages are released
  • Self-healing powers are activated
  • Deep relaxation occurs
  • Greater receptivity and concentration
  • Better sleep and increased energy levels
  • New and more conscious body awareness appears
  • Relationships with other people improve
  • Depression and burn-out can go away

What else is possible with Access Bars?

I have experienced many incredible stories that I would like to share with you. One of them was a young woman who was bedridden for three and a half years and was suddenly able to get up after just one session. There is even a short documentary about another woman who was dying and how she regained her life energy with the Access Bars.

Everyone has their own individual experience with the Access Bars. I can only recommend one thing to you: Run your bars and you will start to remove all the limitations that keep you from believing that you can have the life you always knew was possible.

The best way to find out how Access Bars work is to try them for yourself! The most common reports are of a feeling of complete relaxation and lightness, many fall asleep and for some, their whole life changes from then on.

You will learn the Access Bars®, receive a manual, a certificate and pragmatic tools that will immediately make your life easier. As a therapist and coach, you can use this method with your clients right away. Or you can learn it for yourself, your friends, family and children.

Whatever you desire is possible-the four-day Foundation class is designed to empower you to change everything you choose to change in your life. You’ll get a whole collection of tools to create the life you desire.

What contribution would it be to teach Access Bars to children in an orphanage?

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