Abuse has many faces.

Abuse Hold

Almost all of us experience abuse in various forms throughout
our lives. It can be physical or sexual abuse, but it can also be emotional, financial or spiritual abuse. Or even – the most common form: self-abuse.

How the body deals with it.

Our body cells store the information about each experience. This wonderful body process enables the body to let go of the abuse it has experienced. The Abuse Hold was specifically designed by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, to remove, release and erase all abusive information from the cells.

The Abuse Hold - a liberating body process.

A wonderful healing process that can be felt and seen, yet is hard to put into words. Recipients of this body process let go of what they have experienced instead of repeating their patterns of abuse over and over again. They feel joy and lightness in their lives again and finally begin to realize their potential. What a gift.

Certified by Grace Douglas in Vienna 2018.

The Abuse Hold can only be given by someone who has been specially trained for it by Gary Douglas or his daughter Grace. I was allowed to experience and learn this special body process from Grace Douglas in November 2018.

Prerequisite for an Abuse Hold Session.

To book an Abuse Hold Session with me, it is a prerequisite to have listened to the approximately 2.5 hour seminar recording “The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse“ 30 times. Part of the 30 times can also be played quietly at night during sleep. It is not crucial to understand, but important to have received the energy that opens you to the topic and prepares your body for the abuse hold and for letting go.

„The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse“ can be found here.

Everything can change. Everything is possible.
The question is: Will you choose it?